Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Never have I heard such beautiful words from the mouth of the "Voice of Ironman" Mike Reilly, "YOU are an Ironman" as I crossed the finish line. I, was going to be an Ironman... come hell or high waters. Mikey boy was going to say my name. I can. I will. End of story. Running down the shoot was pretty awesome, probably one of the most memorable experiences of my life, it was truly an "I lived" moment. 

"Hope when the crowds screams out, they're screaming your name"

It's easy to feel intimidated by the ridiculous number of kilometers ahead of you on race day but in all honestly, Team Bobkat Bobby, explains it best "race day is just another long training day".  So, isn't anymore ridiculous then all the training leading up to Ironman. 

What's another 226k? 

16 weeks of ridiculous early mornings and late night training. There were some mornings during training , I wondered if I could physically get out of bed and I am a morning person. But, slowly it becomes easy- "just gotta get it done". Now it's time to trust myself and my training and the team bobkat outfits, matching bikes & Kraft dinner. 

So where do I start in recapping my first Ironman?  

In summary, what a glorious [HOT] day! The race, was simply [hot] awesome from beginning to end. Would it have been better if it wasn't sooo hot for a Newfoundlander?! Maybe. It was hot for everyone else too. But race day is all about the weather conditions too. For any Newfoundlander, especially, this summer in St. John's, it was one of the coldest summers on record. Race day was waaarrrrmmmmm! 

This could be a really long blog but instead Canadian Ironamy basically said it all for me! Click on the link and take a read. 

There was never a moment that I didn't wish to be out ther! Oooookkkkaay, maaaaybeeee a few moments while hanging out in the porta potty but even then I was smiling! How could you not smile while being in a small,[hot] enclosed structure with a seat built over a pit and serving over 2000 athletes?! 

learn a lot during my first Ironman race. Big lesson-
#1. Train in heat. Pro Linsey explains Tip # 1 heeeeeeaaaatttt
#2. Anything can happen-the good, the bad and the ugly, even for the Pros.
#3. Nutrition-  Linsey Corbin says it best Corbin's race tips
#4. If you lost faith in humanity, do an Ironman & you will gain it all back especially when you are throwing up on a volunteer.
#5. following a training plan is key.
#6. When you feel the worse there is ALWAYS someone else who is worse off than you.
#7. A support team is a must! I had the best support team, especially 5 people who got me to race day :) 

Team bobkat Bobby- simply amazing!! 16 weeks of training with him was fun & exciting.  Even on days when I didn't want to move an inch of my body, he was always there with something funny to say and a big smile on his face. I can't wait to start training again with him. I couldn't ask for a better training/life partner. And, also another big highlight leading up to my first Ironman, on Aug 13, in Ottawa, team bobkat Bobby popped the question. Team bobkat Kat said yes!!

TriMacSquared Sarah Ph.D, she is inspiring in so many ways- positive, always has something funny to say, she is a go-getter. She dreams big. She motivates me and pushes me to give my best and she always has the right thing to say and a pro in my books. 

Flat out Jim- made sure we were not over doing it and always giving us tips and was always encouraging us and a very good swim partner. 

Coach Keith - a man with lots of knowledge and wisdom. Couldn't ask for a better coach. 

Mom- a mother's love is truly the best love.  

The goal: to always improve....

"I lived" 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

A sentence per picture...

I LOVED Melbourne! Even though it was Winter there, running on the beach in ~12 degrees was amazing. Those who are aware I'm happiest (and more productive?) when my office is 30+ degrees at all times might be surprised to know I much prefer Winter running compared to Summer ;) 

I didn't get to do an ounce of biking and I ran a total of two times, but I made plenty trips to St. Kilda beach (mostly to see the penguins). 

Downtown Melbourne in the distance

I've missed the ocean a LOT since moving to YYC

So many sweets to choose from

Delicious coffees! 

I was happy to come back to Canada and get back into a routine (and not be so far ahead in time zones!) Kat and I started every conversation with, "what time is it there??" Lol. Three and a half hours doesn't seem so bad now :) xoxo


Friday, June 12, 2015

Calgary's best kept secret...

Kat is amazing me with her dedication to her Ironman plan, the BobKat team is crushing every prescribed workout! So impressed :) Because of the time difference (I'm 3.5 hours behind), very often I wake up in the morning and learn via text that she has already completed an intense swim, bike, or run (or combination). It's certainly motivating me to get up and get going! 

I've discovered something that is truly Calgary's best kept secret - Highwood Pass! Not too far from Kananaskis (KCountry) is a gate that shuts off a 54km section of highway closed to vehicles. It's the highest paved road in Canada. Apparently they keep it closed until mid June to protect the wildlife and give them a chance to mate. The weather was phenomenal the day I went out and there were many cyclists on the road. The climbs are really long but none of the sections were particularly steep - it felt pretty good! Kat would LOVE this road, she's an excellent climber - I was wishing she was there the whole time!

I met a few lovely people from SpeedTheory and we had a nice chat until we reached the top. Jenn, Harley, and Cheryl made the climb go by so fast!


It was 31 degrees at the bottom of the mountain and as you can see there was lots of snow still at the summit! It was a bit of a job to hammer out the ice that built up in my clips on my shoes before heading back down! I should be carrying a tool....I'm awful for not carrying useful things. Next time :)  

I'm trying to get as much riding in as I can on this section of highway before it opens to traffic. It's such a treat not to have to worry about cars.

This was my longest ride of 2015 - from Mt. Kidd to the summit and back was 82kms, with over 1000m of climbing. I'm happy with that for a May ride :) 

Highwood Pass - take 2

I got out to do the Pass again this weekend, and according to Strava, I was 6 mins faster on the first main climb and a lower HR! It must have been because I was wearing my favourite Trepassey jersey. 

Happy to be done climbing for a bit
Significantly less snow at the summit!  
I also had some interesting company on the way up :)

Our amazing friend Amanda just did the 70.3 Ironman in Hawaii last weekend. She did so amazing! It seems like not that long ago that we were in New Hampshire doing the Timberman 70.3! 

Can't wait to do another 70.3 together :)

Missing Kat and my Newfoundland buddies lots :( I wish everybody was here to ride in the mountains with me!

- Sarah

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

1/4 done [ week 5 day 2: tempo run & strenght swim]

I'm happy to report I'm still alive. Although barely. I've been way too busy these past few weeks. You see, I've between work[tax season], sleeping, eating, baking, Netflix and actually training for an ironman, leaving no time for silly things like blogging. :P

So far, training is going smashingly well.  Last week, biking 4 hours outside (Yes, I said, OUTSIDE!! ). Our long runs are now up to 2 plus hours of running on our beautiful city trails.

I am a fair-weather cyclist and I hate being cold, and it was a very lllllooooonnnnggg winter, so even though it states Spring on the calendar, in Newfoundland, spring usually means, rain-drizzle-fog (RDF), wind (well we always have lots and lots of wind) & even snow. So, to be able to finally bike outside, without looking like a snowman on a bike is SO exciting .  

As for the run, besides a few minor issues, I'm pleased with my running. I am still nursing my shin split injury from last fall season.

I am trying to listen to my body so even though I might not be able to get the actually run workout in and I am able to get the time on my feet with out over doing it. 
New BFF-rolling pin :) lifesaver

Last week, I nearly froze to death during the long run- a northeast wind can literally almost cut your body in half !! And if I wasn't freezing, I was off squatting in the woods, yes, Runners trot. :P

What is that you might ask? Runner’s trots are urgent, gotta-go-NOW, middle-of-the-race (or for me, long run) “fecal emergencies.” -BuzzFeed Life. Off colour to talk about? Maybe. But it is real and I suffer from it.  Sorry, team bobkat- Bobby, but thanks for being so supportive ;) I came out of the woods pant-less but feeling better ;) Who knew pooping and running go hand in hand?

SO, yeah...

All the long rides have been inside on the trainer besides last week.  :| Actually, I am surprised how fast the time goes by but only with a little help from Netflix, FaceTime [a marvelously invention],good friends and having an interactive training plan to follow for 4 plus hours. So, instead of dreading the long bikes, they are exciting to look forward too because I get to "hangout" with Sarah and Shanlene. Both have girls join in with me for a portion of my long endurance ride, which has been one of the greatest highlights training for an ironman. 

As for swimming, I feel I should crazy-glue paddles to my hands. Lots and lots of 200 repeats. I am looking forward to swimming outside but I will have a few more weeks yet before I even entertain the though of swimming in a pond.

I might have a different story in 16 weeks but so far the Ironman journey is so much fun!! I am loving the training and the best part is the food and the kat naps :)

cinnamon buns

I will admit, there has been a few days I've struggled [a little bit] to get my body out the door but once I got going I was fine. The deal is, we have to at least attempt to do the warm up for each training session.

Up next week 5-8. Week 8, team bobkat will be off to the Ironman Mont Tremblant 70.3, where team bobkat, Bob will take part in this race, race B.

Missing trimacsquared Sarah (A LOT)!! But thankful for texting :)


ps. started training with gels :P love/hate relationship....shiver

Monday, April 20, 2015

Lots of cross training...

Lots of training and cross training has been keeping me busy in Calgary the last couple of weeks. The most exciting development is that we've been experiencing summer-like high as 22 degrees!

(I know the East coast is still getting some Winter weather so I don't want to brag about the high temperatures too much...but it's been a treat for sure!)

The warm weather has allowed for a few nice runs and bike rides outside. The final arrangements have been made for the ITU World Champs in Chicago, so there is no turning back now! By final arrangements I mean picking out the team Canada uniform...not really that big of a deal I suppose but you all know this was a big decision for me ;) Now it's time to put some real work in. 

I could've done without the long sleeves! 

I've been able to convince Brock to come riding with me! A break for pizza...

The river pathway by our place

But even with the nice weather I've still done some trainer rides! I love having total control over the workout on the trainer and I'm really enjoying Mick's workouts based on my HR...I feel so accomplished when I'm done! It's so satisfying to check things off a list and see the output and know you did what you were supposed to. Also on the trainer I can text Kat during the easy intervals to tell her how much my legs are burning...she always has encouraging things to say ;-) lol. 


There is still lots of snow in the mountains! My legs are so tired today after skiing yesterday...I promise I will never ever say downhill skiing is not a hard workout ever again :)

The first time I didn't freeze whilst skiing!

At the end of the day...15 degrees at the base of the mountain! Spring skiing is the best.

I think I've told Kat 100 times this week that I wish she was here...missing her big time! Perhaps there will be a BobKat Spring training camp in Calgary in 2016?? :) 

- Sarah

Friday, March 27, 2015

I lived....

Well, I've taken the jump,  Team Bobkat has 4 week completed out of an 8 week base training program. April 27 will be the official start of being embedded in the triathlon world and tackling the insurmountable goal, 140.6 miles this August. 

Fear the fall?
Now, why would anybody or any body's body fear swimming 3.8k, biking 180k, running 42.2 k, back to back, in that order, to be completed in under 17 hours, where anything, absolutely anything is possible.

Anything?! Riiiiiigggght...

This doesn't included the endless hours and hours of sweating, drinking more fluids than the Great Lakes hold, testing & re-testing my heart rate threshold wondering if this will be the moment I will have a heart attack or stroke, & my sports bra becoming thee enemy. To all the ladies, you know what I am talking about, maneuvering yourself out of a sweaty wet bra without breaking an arm. A sweaty sports bra can be like being in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) where taking a sports bra off can be a mix of martial arts. And of course, let's not forget Murphy's Law of Cycling-there will be a headwind in both directions. Always. And these are some of the things that I will be enduring over the next few months, of course, all self inflicted, so that, I will be all to be able to hear the words,  "You are an Ironman" 

My biggest fear is having to eating gels. 

So what's new with me? 

The chlorine is now my choice of perfume. My saddle has turned into my sofa. There seems to be endless sea laundry. Reading and TV time is slowly becoming nap time. Oreo Ice Cream is my new best friend (love at first taste). Team Bobkat has a new team member, Netflix. And this week, I got snail mail from Tri Mac Squared, Sarah.
The road to Ironman begins with a training schedule & a buddy system. Sticking to a plan can turn out to be the most challenging part. My support team during this training is going to be important. Team Bobkat, Bobby, Tri Mac Squared, Sarah, Flatout Jim & Coach Keith have been keeping me faithful so far. So in advance,  thank you for being apart of this life journey, complaining with me, comparing various aches & pains, laughing with me, pushing me when times get tough & helping me to be honest and sticking with the plan. 

If you are happy and you know it, ride your bike...

Training has been lots of repetitive leg spinning. So far, the long bikes have been three, 2 hour bikes and one, 3 hour bikes plus many bricks. Yep, you read that right, three hours of spinning on a turbo trainer, in one spot, a party of three, Bobby, Netflix and me. 
My running is coming....slowly. No knee pain (yet) and a little shin pain that is because I am in good hands. The people at ProActive Physio, Topsail Roas Massage Therapy and Core Insight are all helping me towards crossing the finish line in all original body part. And with their help, maybe, I will have my original knees in my golden years. 

At 5:15 am, one of the three, 2 hour rides, happen this morning, team Bobkat, were bright-eyed (red eyed) and bushy tailed (bed head) sitting on the "sofa" with side-kick Neflix & fuel- orange, cheese, crackers, 2 bottles of G2 and a pool of sweat, and apparently, no one ever drowned in sweat, I almost beg to differ. The first 60 mins, during the endurance rides feel like what death row might feel like-60 mins of spinning easy but in reality I find it more mentally changeling, like watching a pot of water boil. 
What a great way to start a Friday morning, only thing is by 9am, I was wanting a kat nap. 5pm yet? 

The Plan-"So for every day that you're on this earth, for every minute that you have, the whole idea is doing nothing less than exactly what you feel you're supposed to do and squeezing every last drop out of life every day, regardless of the difficulties or trials that you face."  -Ryan Tedder

This Sunday is another 3hr spin with 3x (10 mins @ Tempo' / 3 x 3 mins E3 (threshold) with 3 mins recovery). Start after 60 mins @ E1 10 mins E1 recovery between efforts. & 40min brick.  Let the chafing begin.

I hope that you spend your days, but they all add up
And when that sun goes down, hope you raise your cup
Oh, I wish that I could witness all your joy and all your pain
But until my moment comes, I'll say...

I, I did it all


Thursday, March 26, 2015


This is a #TBT to my first Newfoundland triathlon (Carbonear 2012). Derek convinced me to do it...I'm pretty sure that's how I fell into triathlons - I remember swimming and biking with them and getting talked into it, and then I was hooked. This was a week before the wedding  - I was scared the permanent marker wouldn't come off my arms in time, lol. This is a picture of Kat and I coming out of the water (and Kristy is there too!)...we didn't even know each other then! Kat came in first overall for the females...she's so fast :) Exactly a year before we "officially" met later in 2013. 

I hope some of Kat's fierce-ness will rub off on me ;)

Not having a clue what I was getting myself info

The Carbonear Triathlon is one of my favourite events (even with the pot holes) - the volunteers are so sweet, the pond is decently warm and the social gathering afterwards at the awards ceremony is always fun! And they feed you :-)

- Sarah