Thursday, July 30, 2015

A sentence per picture...

I LOVED Melbourne! Even though it was Winter there, running on the beach in ~12 degrees was amazing. Those who are aware I'm happiest (and more productive?) when my office is 30+ degrees at all times might be surprised to know I much prefer Winter running compared to Summer ;) 

I didn't get to do an ounce of biking and I ran a total of two times, but I made plenty trips to St. Kilda beach (mostly to see the penguins). 

Downtown Melbourne in the distance

I've missed the ocean a LOT since moving to YYC

So many sweets to choose from

Delicious coffees! 

I was happy to come back to Canada and get back into a routine (and not be so far ahead in time zones!) Kat and I started every conversation with, "what time is it there??" Lol. Three and a half hours doesn't seem so bad now :) xoxo