Friday, June 12, 2015

Calgary's best kept secret...

Kat is amazing me with her dedication to her Ironman plan, the BobKat team is crushing every prescribed workout! So impressed :) Because of the time difference (I'm 3.5 hours behind), very often I wake up in the morning and learn via text that she has already completed an intense swim, bike, or run (or combination). It's certainly motivating me to get up and get going! 

I've discovered something that is truly Calgary's best kept secret - Highwood Pass! Not too far from Kananaskis (KCountry) is a gate that shuts off a 54km section of highway closed to vehicles. It's the highest paved road in Canada. Apparently they keep it closed until mid June to protect the wildlife and give them a chance to mate. The weather was phenomenal the day I went out and there were many cyclists on the road. The climbs are really long but none of the sections were particularly steep - it felt pretty good! Kat would LOVE this road, she's an excellent climber - I was wishing she was there the whole time!

I met a few lovely people from SpeedTheory and we had a nice chat until we reached the top. Jenn, Harley, and Cheryl made the climb go by so fast!


It was 31 degrees at the bottom of the mountain and as you can see there was lots of snow still at the summit! It was a bit of a job to hammer out the ice that built up in my clips on my shoes before heading back down! I should be carrying a tool....I'm awful for not carrying useful things. Next time :)  

I'm trying to get as much riding in as I can on this section of highway before it opens to traffic. It's such a treat not to have to worry about cars.

This was my longest ride of 2015 - from Mt. Kidd to the summit and back was 82kms, with over 1000m of climbing. I'm happy with that for a May ride :) 

Highwood Pass - take 2

I got out to do the Pass again this weekend, and according to Strava, I was 6 mins faster on the first main climb and a lower HR! It must have been because I was wearing my favourite Trepassey jersey. 

Happy to be done climbing for a bit
Significantly less snow at the summit!  
I also had some interesting company on the way up :)

Our amazing friend Amanda just did the 70.3 Ironman in Hawaii last weekend. She did so amazing! It seems like not that long ago that we were in New Hampshire doing the Timberman 70.3! 

Can't wait to do another 70.3 together :)

Missing Kat and my Newfoundland buddies lots :( I wish everybody was here to ride in the mountains with me!

- Sarah