Tuesday, May 26, 2015

1/4 done [ week 5 day 2: tempo run & strenght swim]

I'm happy to report I'm still alive. Although barely. I've been way too busy these past few weeks. You see, I've between work[tax season], sleeping, eating, baking, Netflix and actually training for an ironman, leaving no time for silly things like blogging. :P

So far, training is going smashingly well.  Last week, biking 4 hours outside (Yes, I said, OUTSIDE!! ). Our long runs are now up to 2 plus hours of running on our beautiful city trails.

I am a fair-weather cyclist and I hate being cold, and it was a very lllllooooonnnnggg winter, so even though it states Spring on the calendar, in Newfoundland, spring usually means, rain-drizzle-fog (RDF), wind (well we always have lots and lots of wind) & even snow. So, to be able to finally bike outside, without looking like a snowman on a bike is SO exciting .  

As for the run, besides a few minor issues, I'm pleased with my running. I am still nursing my shin split injury from last fall season.

I am trying to listen to my body so even though I might not be able to get the actually run workout in and I am able to get the time on my feet with out over doing it. 
New BFF-rolling pin :) lifesaver

Last week, I nearly froze to death during the long run- a northeast wind can literally almost cut your body in half !! And if I wasn't freezing, I was off squatting in the woods, yes, Runners trot. :P

What is that you might ask? Runner’s trots are urgent, gotta-go-NOW, middle-of-the-race (or for me, long run) “fecal emergencies.” -BuzzFeed Life. Off colour to talk about? Maybe. But it is real and I suffer from it.  Sorry, team bobkat- Bobby, but thanks for being so supportive ;) I came out of the woods pant-less but feeling better ;) Who knew pooping and running go hand in hand?

SO, yeah...

All the long rides have been inside on the trainer besides last week.  :| Actually, I am surprised how fast the time goes by but only with a little help from Netflix, FaceTime [a marvelously invention],good friends and having an interactive training plan to follow for 4 plus hours. So, instead of dreading the long bikes, they are exciting to look forward too because I get to "hangout" with Sarah and Shanlene. Both have girls join in with me for a portion of my long endurance ride, which has been one of the greatest highlights training for an ironman. 

As for swimming, I feel I should crazy-glue paddles to my hands. Lots and lots of 200 repeats. I am looking forward to swimming outside but I will have a few more weeks yet before I even entertain the though of swimming in a pond.

I might have a different story in 16 weeks but so far the Ironman journey is so much fun!! I am loving the training and the best part is the food and the kat naps :)

cinnamon buns

I will admit, there has been a few days I've struggled [a little bit] to get my body out the door but once I got going I was fine. The deal is, we have to at least attempt to do the warm up for each training session.

Up next week 5-8. Week 8, team bobkat will be off to the Ironman Mont Tremblant 70.3, where team bobkat, Bob will take part in this race, race B.

Missing trimacsquared Sarah (A LOT)!! But thankful for texting :)


ps. started training with gels :P love/hate relationship....shiver