Monday, April 20, 2015

Lots of cross training...

Lots of training and cross training has been keeping me busy in Calgary the last couple of weeks. The most exciting development is that we've been experiencing summer-like high as 22 degrees!

(I know the East coast is still getting some Winter weather so I don't want to brag about the high temperatures too much...but it's been a treat for sure!)

The warm weather has allowed for a few nice runs and bike rides outside. The final arrangements have been made for the ITU World Champs in Chicago, so there is no turning back now! By final arrangements I mean picking out the team Canada uniform...not really that big of a deal I suppose but you all know this was a big decision for me ;) Now it's time to put some real work in. 

I could've done without the long sleeves! 

I've been able to convince Brock to come riding with me! A break for pizza...

The river pathway by our place

But even with the nice weather I've still done some trainer rides! I love having total control over the workout on the trainer and I'm really enjoying Mick's workouts based on my HR...I feel so accomplished when I'm done! It's so satisfying to check things off a list and see the output and know you did what you were supposed to. Also on the trainer I can text Kat during the easy intervals to tell her how much my legs are burning...she always has encouraging things to say ;-) lol. 


There is still lots of snow in the mountains! My legs are so tired today after skiing yesterday...I promise I will never ever say downhill skiing is not a hard workout ever again :)

The first time I didn't freeze whilst skiing!

At the end of the day...15 degrees at the base of the mountain! Spring skiing is the best.

I think I've told Kat 100 times this week that I wish she was here...missing her big time! Perhaps there will be a BobKat Spring training camp in Calgary in 2016?? :) 

- Sarah